New Page for Beginners! : https://integrater.tech/gns3-tutor-page/newgns3user

Changes for 2018

“New ‘theme’ for the pages” – Complete.

Expand the “Essential Skill Set” in “Da Essentials” Pages. Due 3rd quarter of 2018.

  • My new 2 Day Course Syllabus:
  • Day 0 Prep-Work: Complete the “Da Essentials ‘Checklist'” Prior to the first day’s  training.
  • Day 1 Da Essential Labs. Hands on work relating to the following areas of GNS3
    1.     The Cloud Adapter
    2.     The Cisco IOS of your choice
    3.     The virtual machine to use in your “default topology”
  • Day 2 Build your own lab!
    1. Are you a PEN tester? I will provide instruction on building your PEN test based on Day 1’s lab of your own “default topology”.
    2. Are you a Windows/Linux admin? I will provide instructions on Launching your new domain inside your “default topology”!
    3. Are you a Cisco NERD? Want to experiment with other Routers and Switches? I will provide instructions on how to setup your vm machine if it be   Cumulus, Arista, Cisco, Juniper or some other image like Mikrotik, OpenVSwitch, Quagga.
  • Feel free to leave a comment on what you would like to see in my new 2 day seminar…coming to a town near you!


Now live streaming when I feel like it!

Most popular hits from 2017:



How to configure GRE HERE



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