Open Letter to Kansas City Chiefs Fans…

Open Letter to the Kansas City Chiefs Fans of the National Football League

-by Matt Raio

Why do fans watch a team year after year? Only to come to the end of a particular season and find themselves filled with doubt and embarrassment. As a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs it was crushing to see the team outed by the Indianapolis Colts back in the Wild Card playoff game in 2014 when the main points taken from THAT game are:

  1. Chiefs were leading at the half 31 to 10. (a 21 point difference).

  2. Andrew Luck threw a ball to himself and jumped into the end zone for an unplanned touch down.

  3. 5 Chiefs starters fell to injury at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts.

Last night’s game with the Chiefs versus the Tennessee Titans looked eerily familiar. At some point during the broadcast, Jon Gruden could not recall a time where a quarterback threw to himself to score a touchdown. He was talking about Mariota’s awful throw to a Chief that deflected the pass, only to catch it himself and score the first touchdown for the Titans.

As I watched it over the replay I realized there definitely is a ‘football’ god. But one that smiles on a team other than the Chiefs. The symmetry between that game in 2014 and last night’s game against Tennesse is so familiar and enlightening. I was NOT surprised the Chiefs lost in Arrowhead by 1 point.

In 2014, the Chiefs lost by 1 point as well.

I felt cheated and told myself I would not watch football again. However the NFL has tried every year since, to make drastic changes to the play calling since. I get suckered in again watching…hoping the Chiefs will get back to the playoffs and redeem themselves. In last nights game, I believe the heart was in the Chiefs…but the officiating was completely off. To avoid any MORE controversy with the ‘third team’ the officiating… NFL’s answer THIS time is to take different refs who don’t usually work together to do the officiating at Arrowhead stadium…

seems legit.

Only, once again, the system by which the refs find themselves are pointless reviews and questionable “fumble/no fumble” calls that will once again somehow break against the Chiefs.

With very little information for the public and the fan base to go on, it seems by watching the televised show, you tacitly agree to follow whatever the ruling is meted out either on the field, booth or “ref central”. Even now, Mike Peireia (former NFL ref turned commentator) tweeted and stated the calls were particularly bad for this last game.

Lets just summarize the points discussed here:

  1. Poor officiating

  2. Game plans going awry. Immaculate passes from the quarterback to himself. Which happened in 2014 as well as last night.

  3. Intentional injuries to players (Kelce in this game…Jamaal Charles in 2014).

  4. Fumble/no fumble (unnecessary whistle blowing to kill the play dead).

After summarizing these points which actually happened in one game and comparing that against another wild card playoff game with the same team (KC CHIEFS) we now see a very clear picture here.

In 2014, the Superbowl winner is…the New England Patriots.

As we round out the 2017 post season, it comes as NO surprise that the New England Patriots are still on top despite these ‘precautionary’ elements in the NFL:

  1. Draft selection (parity rule).

  2. Season schedules

It is clear, to make other teams in second markets (like Denver and Kansas City) have a hope to be competitive. We can see a team in a sub-prime market (both in terms of viewership and merchandising), would depend on these two aspects provided by the NFL to be relevant and competitive.

If the NFL is considered the “professional” grade of American Football then tell me please how these things can happen at the “professional” level:

How a Tennessee Titan can intentionally hit helmet to helmet a key player on the Chiefs (Kelce) and force him into concussion protocol. It’s clearly a desperate move on Tennessee’s part that is reminiscent of the “Kobra Kai” mentality. If you can’t beat someone…then ‘sweep the leg’. This is an ongoing problem with the NFL that has not been suitably addressed. That kind of hit is what tarnishes the sport and the remedy is to eject a player of KC’s choosing. No ifs ands or butts. What’s the point of having parity when down the line, in a critical game, your star player can easily collide helmet to helmet or hit at the knees. The Titan’s game plan is “we can’t keep up with Kelce, so we’ll just take him out of the game.”

In 2014, 5 players (yes, 5) of the starting KC Chiefs were injured by an inferior defense (Colts) found in Indianapolis. This “leveling” of the playing field is a deep sore spot that I feel turns off fans from even watching. But to the NFL’s credit, they did try to implement some oversight after that particular game.

In another aspect, the parity has failed the NFL on so many levels when New England can out maneuver the intent of the rules set by the NFL. When a team can do a “last minute” trade for a player who knows the playbooks of another team in the likelihood that New England will compete with that same team {Steelers}. I call that an obvious manipulation. If you’re a New England fan, I’m sure that won’t bother your conscience…but to the rest of the teams, that’s just ‘buying’ your way to another SB ring.

What happens with a sport that becomes SO popular and lucrative, that teams resort to poor sportsmanship and “Belichekian” orchestrations? I’m not vilainizing Mr. Belichek, but he’s part of an organization known “to manipulate the ‘fringes’ of the NFL rules!” Whether you like it or not, your legacy is already confirmed…your style of coaching is equally infamous.

In conclusion, if you are true fan of the sport of American Football, I heartily recommend the following:

  1. Start watching the CFL.

  2. Refuse to watch another game in the post season (including Super Bowls) until the NFL stops throwing ‘more refs’ at the problem and dramatically vote on fixing obvious ‘adjustments’ and ‘desperation moves’ that an inferior team may employ. That and prevent New England from manipulating the NFL anymore. New England is the heart of this conspiracy and they have circumvented the entire parity rule as well as “buying” players either in signing them LATE in the season or be the recipient of ‘the football god’ who takes out key players on key teams you DONT want to face in the AFL Championship game. The ONLY team that benefits on all fronts is New England and it’s New England that will take down the NFL viewership.

One thought on “Open Letter to Kansas City Chiefs Fans…

  1. Very well said, these so called refs need to be accountable for their bad calls, fine them and suspend them.

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