Da Essentials…

Changing the scope of this page

In view of creating the 2 day seminar, it occurred to me the “Da Essentials” page is to prepare a student for that seminar. In preparation for building your own “default network” on your laptop, you will need to poke around with the following:

An OLDER version of GNS3. (1.4 or earlier).

  • Playing around with the GNS3 preferences section like:
  • importing an IOS

Importing a virtualbox virtual machine.

  • Preferrably a linux distro (Ubuntu or CentOS) and creating the vm through the virtualbox wizard.
  • A Windows 7 image (Ultimate) preferrably.
  • Downloading a pre-defined virtualbox image and importing it into virtualbox. OSboxes has some pretty good ones you can download and import on the fly.

Playing with the “local host network’ section of virtualbox.

  • Knowing the difference between a NAT interface and a Local Host Network Interface is key.


  • Understand and create a new Microsoft Loopback adapter (both for your HOST machine and within your Virtualbox image).
  • SHARING (and not bridging) your wifi network interface to the Loopback adapter.

Cisco (or some other router image)

  • Have a copy of either the 3725 Image OR a 7200 Image or BOTH.