New to GNS3?


I’ve decided to buy, because as good as the original is, I wanted to focus on students and people that are new to Networking and Technology in general. So if you’ve found this site, welcome! I plan on going over aspects of the GNS3 platform and give some historical context. Consider me as an unauthorized biographer of GNS3 and where it’s at today.

Some of the basic topics I will cover will read like a FAQ, with deep seeded how-tos to perform basic tasks in the GNS3 platform. If you’re looking at how to integrate with IOS or some other device, there are plenty of tools and youtubes on that. I’m showing people new to technology where some skills transfer to your new intern job, or perhaps helps in working through CCENT or CCNA topics. I feel confident, once you have covered the basics in gns3tutor, you are capable of launching into your own sandbox for self paced certifications or becoming the SME at your place of employment.