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Matt Raio



Systems Administrator/Network Engineer/Solutions Architect

Too many projects to cram on one page so I will bullet point my top multi-million dollar projects:

1.) Integration Guides for GNS3

2.) Default Topology for GNS3

3.) Semi-Agile method – Charter Communications

4.) Universal DevOps Standards and integration across legacy Brighthouse, Time Warner and Charter Communications. (Wifi provisioning is an example of how I applied these standards for this project).

5.) Designed and Implemented new Resolve Ecosystem expansion for Charter Communications

6.) Resolve and Splunk integrations


Technical Experience

Virtualization: Vmware, Virtualbox, Qemu, RDS Hyper-V

Virtual Images Cisco (IOS1700-IOS7200), Nexus Titanium 7K, Arista, OpenVSwitch, Cumulus, VEOS, Junos Olive, Quagga-tinycore, Linux (Ubuntu, TinyCoreOS, CentOS, FreeBSD),Windows Server 2012 / 2008 R2 / 2003 / 2000 / NT

Server Hardware: Dell, HP, IBM (AS/400, iSeries)

Networking: Cisco, Brocade, Juniper, Extreme, Arista

Server Roles: MS Active Directory (ADM, ADMX and Azure) / DNS / WINS / Office 365 / Group Policy / DHCP / FTP / IIS / Apache / SharePoint / MS SQL

Disaster Recovery: Arcserve Brightstor, Symantec System Recovery, NetBackup, Backup Exec, Acronis, ERP: JDEdwards, FISERV

Imaging: Norton Ghost Corp. Edition, Serva32

Encryption Technologies: Symantec Endpoint Encryption, Sophos,

Languages : Perl, Groovy, Javascript, Visual basic scripting, Powershell 3.

Management processes: Agile – SCRUM Master

Software: Splunk, Resolve, Remedy, JIRA



Certifications: MCSE – Tri-Net Computer Schools (1997) / MCP (1999)

Microsoft Certified Professional, MCP (2000)

CCNA (2014), BCNE (2014)


Work Experience:

SE I – (Charter Communications)   

Greenwood Village, CO   Aug. 2016 – Present

Daily Tasks: Supported 60 Linux virtual machines to handle automations aimed at speeding up user interactions and triaging downed systems. Skills learned: scripting in Java, Javascript, PERL, Groovy and QA Unit testing. Hands on experience with Splunk:dashboards, alerts and reports based on raw data processed and stored in revolving log files at both the application and linux system levels. Accomplishments: Architected the expansion of Resolve Systems automation platform. Created the Operational Model for support as well as Unit Testing in multiple languages.


Manager of Support Services Doc. Specialist (GNS3 Technologies INC.)  Sunnyvale, CA Sept. 2014 – Jan 16

Daily Tasks: Analyze the sentiment using Jive Resonata. Steered documentation efforts and wrote compelling documentation integrating Software partners into GNS3.

Skills learned: Adobe InDesign, Community Moderating, Blogging and Community support. Built real networks in my laptop and supported the GNS3 platform as well as analyze web traffic for deflecting common issues using this software. Linux command line, virtual machine build in VMWare, Virtualbox and QEmu. Wrote ‘how-tos’ to leverage the Cisco IOS image to build out various topologies. Vetted out switching (VLANs, VXLANS) as well as advanced layer 3 (iBGP, eBGP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIPv2). Circumvented the entire Cisco boot camp by studying and testing these topologies in GNS3 over the rival Cisco VIRL.

Accomplishments: Only person to GENERATE 1.3 million dollars of revenue on 8 pages, showcasing Solarwinds NPM which eventually lead to the company buying GNS3. Other integration guides are Auvik Networks and “The Official Getting Started Guide to GNS3 1.0”


Solutions Architect (Techstrata LLC) _

Santa Barbara,CA Mar. 2013-Sept 2014

Daily Tasks: Main point of contact interfacing with a multi-million dollar client which was a hospital located in Santa Barbara California. Worked with different teams (Citrix, Zenserver, WYSE terminals, Clinical, Windows) and supported 24/7 rotation of responding to network outages. I would be the point of contact to replace access and layer 3 switches and give full reports as well as plan RFC for maintenance and network upgrades.

Skills learned: Extreme switches, Cisco certification, Meru wireless and Trapeze wireless devices. Accomplishments: remediated wireless issues dealing with Meru controllers and access points. Used to gather information and strategize ways to resolve intermittent issues between a vender (Vocera) and the wireless. (Meru,Trapeze).

Troubleshoot medical devices (WYSE, Blood Testers, Scanners) as it connects over the various vlans.

Used Solarwinds NCM and RTV as well as various network scanners to use in connection with Infoblox and supported the DHCP service of wireless access for public, private networks.


Computer Technician/Interim Director of IT for Santa Paula Unified School Dist.

Santa Paula, CA Mar. 2007 – 2013

Daily Tasks: First and last line to resolve all network issues, support a Windows 2008 environment. Wrote custom Group Policy objects and implemented recommended security appliances (Marshall m86 filter). Skills learned: Active Directory (single forest AD), ADMX, Local Group policies. End device fixes for printers, teacher tools.

Accomplishments: Created NO STUDENT LOGIN policy which restricted users in the Student OU from access Teacher machines. Slip streamed images of Windows Desktops using Serva 32 after District would not renew Norton Ghost Corporate Edition. NOTE: Due to size restrictions, I have 21 years of total experience. These are my experiences between now and 2007.

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